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Charlayne Mallare

Business Benefits Specialist

Founder of SME Business Benefits, Charlayne Mallare considers it her mission and her purpose to guide motivated, goal-focused business owners in protecting their families and their most valuable assets— their income, their businesses, and their time—by giving them systems and strategies to maximize profits, minimize taxes as well as expenses, and manage risks.

Charlayne grew up in a middle-income family of 6. Her father was the sole breadwinner and her mother was a full-time homemaker. While her father earned good money as an entrepreneur and a real estate broker, he didn't necessarily manage his earnings well, and the family struggled financially.

In fact, Charlayne lived with her aunt and uncle for 2 years, and they paid her tuition when her parents could not. At one point, the family didn't have a car because Charlayne's dad had to sell it.

As a young child, she saw her family's financial decline and was afraid of what the future would bring. She was afraid she and her siblings would inherit their parents' debt.

So she made herself a promise: that she would take charge of her own finances as soon as she started earning money, so she and her own family would never have to struggle again.

After graduating from university with a Computer Science degree, she got a job—and with the salary, she implemented a budget system that allowed her to save and invest some of her money, setting it aside "for a rainy day," while helping her parents with some of their bills. Charlayne's first investment was to protect her income to ensure her parents would be able to continue paying the bills should something happen to her. Soon after, she also implemented a plan for her parents, so that should something happen to either of them, the other one could survive financially. Later, she taught his father strategies for paying off the debts he'd incurred over time.

In addition to protecting her money, Charlayne learned how to grow it. She became a master at investments and at shielding her investments from risk.

As she met more and more entrepreneurs, Charlayne realized her passion lies in working with business owners to do the same.

Their mindset, attitude and tendency for working toward goals and dreams makes them her ideal clients … and she knows that business owners and entrepreneurs have much greater risks because they have to take care of themselves, their families and their employees.

She believes it's essential that they realize no one will take care of them, except themselves. She is dedicated to helping them protect not only their own well-being, but that of their families and employees as well. If a business fails, the business owner loses everything … and his or her employees lose their livelihoods, too.

In fact, Charlayne continues to experience these hardships in her own life.

Because neither of Charlayne's parents had a plan in place for health care or health maintenance, when they were each diagnosed with critical illnesses at different times, Charlayne and her siblings had to shoulder their parents' medical expenses for more than a decade.

Charlayne's father spent 10 years in and out of the hospital before he passed away. Now Charlayne's mother is in and out of the hospital, and the costs of maintenance medications, doctors' visits, and hospitalizations have put a dent in Charlayne's and her siblings' savings and retirement accounts.

That's why Charlayne is passionate about helping business owners and their families avoid the painful experiences she and her family had gone through.

If business owners don't have a plan for addressing their critical illness or disability (or those of their key employees), their business and their families will likely struggle to survive.

Now, through a carefully-selected lineup of business benefits, Charlayne guides entrepreneurs and small business owners in utilizing systems and strategies that allow them to truly enjoy business ownership. "It's not just growing a business," she said. "It's also protecting what they've worked so hard for."

She helps her clients Manage Risks, Minimize taxes (including expenses), and Maximize Profits, so they can grow their businesses with confidence … and enjoy the process.

Although a huge part of what she does is related to the concrete business of finances, Charlayne believes that helping business owners increase their revenue through marketing strategies allows her to offer more value to her clients.